Something that before we have possession

 Something that before we have possession, we would like to have it very much because we have never known, never touched, but that we have acquired something with the body is that we use it. Some things are not as effective as when we want them at all. I think that in our human life, perhaps we do not need those things, but it is a desire. Momentary chompoo, if we get it, sometimes we may not be able to use it, it"s not worth it, like things that are not copy, however, we want to get it, but when it"s time we get it It has come, no matter what it is, job position or even money, we want more happiness.

ผู้ตั้งกระทู้ jacob (jacob1233-at-gmail-dot-com) :: วันที่ลงประกาศ 2022-05-30 12:11:01

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